Vehicle paint protection

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Forget the Nano coatings and waxes, vinyl vehicle paint protection is the only way to truely help protect your paint.
Using out optically clear, high gloss, self healing paint protection film we can assist you to protect your vehicles paint from a variety of dangers including stone chips and minor abrasions.

Whether your want to protect just the front end of the car or the entire vehicle, we can help.
The beauty of this product is, not only is it super robust, but once installed, you can hardly tell it’s even on.

Have your vehicle paint protected and go on those long drives down the highway or through roadworks without a worry knowing your vehicles paint is protected.

Also, our film is hydrophobic, meaning water beads off the surface a lot easier than it does your paint, making it easier to clean!

Check out some of the photos below showing the film being installed on some of our clients vehicles.